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This is not the 1970s.

The Bleat.:
You know what I remember about the mid-to-late 70s? People had given up hope. It was just all downhill from here.

Don’t get that now. Not yet.

This is almost a throwaway line in a longer Bleat post about Mad Men and the original BBC version of Life on Mars. Lileks perfectly captures the mood of America in the 1970s, though. I was there and I say he nailed it good. Nothing in American life was good or winning or on the upswing, it seemed. We were getting bled to death by a bunch of pajama-clad savages in Southeast Asia because the Army, our Army that had gone from victory to victory since anyone could remember, had completely flubbed this guerrilla war thing and then lied about it. Our cities were still smoldering from the race riots of the 1970s. The mainline Protestant churches and the Catholic church were seemingly disintegrating right before our eyes. Our captains of industry were being humbled by the Japanese, The Arabs had turned off the oil taps in pique because our spunky little ally Israel had just wiped the floor with them for the third time in thirty years after being caught by surprise, The government was run by a bunch of thugs. Everything was fucked, everybody sucked, 

The big difference now is that the ruling class doesn't own the means of information any more. People can see past the refusal of the lamestream media to cover the news it deems damaging to the ruling class. People can get the news from someone else and see the reality instead of the kabuki. And people are getting pissed at the ruling class as a result. They're taking to the streets to express their anger and fear, not with rifles but with signs, and when the election comes this fall, you can bet they'll be watching for fraud and slick political game playing. The counterrevolution is being televised right now, brought into your homes by the anarchy of the internet 24x7. People have seen the mess the "best and brightest" have made, and they're tired of being told they have to pay for it. They're tired of being called racists. They're tired of all the ruling class bullshit that says "Do as I say, live green and cut back, and never mind my many mansions or jet-set lifestyle!" And the people, as they always have, are going to make things change.

Unlike the 1970s, when people huddled helplessly around their kitchen tables, watching their world go to hell in a handbasket.
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