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Mmmm, beefy.

I see that Hardee's has upgraded the old Monster Burger with one less patty but far more beefy goodness as the Monster Thickburger, and predictably, the wet blankets and whiners at CSPI (no link, those swine get more publicity than they deserve already) are out there clamoring that the burger needs warning labels, backup horns and God knows what all lest unwary folk seeking a healthy dinner sandwich order one by accident and die in screaming agony hours later as their arteries explode.

These are the same idiots, BTW, who are always going on about how Chinese food is bad for you and movie popcorn is bad for you and we should all stop eating ice cream and live on organic tofu or rocks or some such crap. They should sit on a habanero-smeared tofu dog and rotate. Anyone buying one of these Thickburgers (which have their own appealing mascot) knows full well what they're getting unless they're the kind of brain-dead moron that couldn't pronounce "Monster Thickburger" in the first place, much less manage to actually find a Hardee's and buy one.

Me, I'll take mine without the mayo, thanks. The mayo is just wretched excess.

(Tip of the wombat's helmet to Professor Death.)
Tags: culture w/o politics, food
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