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The poverty trap

We Need a Cultural Revolution - I Want a New Left:
So what happens when the poor come to their senses? They find that it is nearly impossible to get their lives back. To begin with, they have no manners. Wealthier people know when to turn on the manners and when to turn them off, but poor people don’t. They use inappropriate language at the wrong times, and they pay for it. Or they have off-putting tattoos that make any advance into a decent management position nearly impossible. Even if their manners are tolerable and their tattoos are hidden or nonexistent, their rebellious attitudes toward their employers may make it impossible for them to advance and may even get them fired. In fact, if employers find that too many of their employees are rebellious and so unemployable, they will probably begin to think about relocating abroad, which lessens the pool of available jobs for the poor, and that in turn decreases the amount of pay offered. None of this helps the poor.

Just as it's easier to blow up bridges and buildings than to build new ones, it's easier to screw up your life to the point where you can't get up without a lot of help from your friends and family. And what if your friends and family can't help you because they're just as screwed up as you are? Even the Army doesn't need cannon fodder that badly, and despite the stereotype, the Marines aren't in the market for stupid, violent bullet absorbers either. Good luck getting out of that trap, my brothers and sisters. While you're at it, think of all the wonderful, nonjudgmental people who passed you on through school without making you learn anything too useful, who taught you that discipline was an option, and that getting an education was dumb and pointless anyway. If there was any justice in the world, the revolutionary consciousness of these people would lead them to wreak revenge on the people most responsible for putting them into the poverty trap, but that only happens in bad fiction and worse movies. In real life, the police and private security companies are there precisely to make sure that never happens.

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