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one down three to go

And that's one weekend of the tax class down. Homework and the first research paper are due next Friday. It went very well and very quickly; we were out of there around 1530, which was Good.

Things are changing again for Goonwaffe; our French buddies who were letting us crash on their couch while we got ourselves together have decided to move on and do other stuff, so they basically handed us the keys and told our roommates to behave cuz we're going to be the new landlord. One alliance (which had been stiffing TCF on rent anyway) decided to get uppity about this, so now us Goons and our Reddit buddies are enthusiastically trashing their property, shooting them, and violating their civil rights. Me, I'm busy cranking out all the missiles and ammo I can between classes and sleep and haven't had a chance to shoot anyone. :(

On the other hand, the flavor of the month in PVP has changed to armor-plated heavy assault cruisers, which are a pain in the ass to hit and have nasty damage resists as well. This is causing a bunch of hurfing and blurfing about what we should emphasize in training and reimbursement instead of the fleet battleships that were our former objectives. I think it's pretty pointless since people are mostly going to fly what they want unless someone bribes them (with free ships) to play space mechanic or some other thankless job. Like electronic warfare, which used to be the bread and butter for newbees who were bored with tackling and had some cruiser skills; they could easily step into ECM cruisers and enjoy the frothing rage of characters who'd been in the game for six years and suddenly lost target lock while flying their zillion-dollar pimped-out super-ship. Interestingly enough, with HACs becoming the flavor of the month, the long-despised target painter (which makes victims easier to lock onto by making them look bigger to sensors) may finally be coming into a time of usefulness after years of being derided as the most useless EW module ever. Some of us are forming a special interest group to emphasize EW and maybe fly in separate (but coordinated) groups so some retard of a fleet commander doesn't warp us and our practically unarmored/unshielded jam wagons into the enemy at zero range. (I personally have lost at least two EW battleships like this.) So, we'll see what happens.

Went out for wings and a Walmart run tonight; going to breakfast with P in the morning, so imma post this and then go crash.
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