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Waitaminute, here...

So I have this ingrown toenail, which has now become an infected toenail, and it's a little swollen and painful but no big deal. I call the triage nurse at my clinic who says soak it in hot water with epsom salts and go pick up this antibiotic. I get the antibiotic at the Walgreens on my afternoon break, take it, and twenty minutes later the toe is throbbing painfully and I feel all sweaty and feverish. WTF?

In other disagreaable news, the MTC reorganized the bus routes out my way and actually added more trips to and from West Bloomington...except in my corner of the city, which now has only two trips in and two trips out. I guess I could start getting up early enough to catch the 6:56 AM bus in and the 5:05 PM bus out, but driving to the P&R at 94th & Nesbitt or the one I presently use for the 597 bus seem like better options.
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