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moderately busy Monday

Didn't get everything done that I wanted to, but one of the things on my to-do list got punted until tomorrow since it makes more sense to do it at school anyway. I did get the Toaster's oil changed and a new kludge installed to hold the driver's seat down, but decided against getting the A/C fixed after Carlos told me there's coolant in the system but nothing happens when he hits the button. I'd think it was a matter of not being familiar with the controls, except nothing happens when I have the fan on and hit the button either. Which means it's probably an electrical problem, and that means a trip to the dealer for a $1500 wiring harness repair job, and my wallet just can't handle that right now. Or in the next year or two, either, most likely. Shouldn't be an issue since I don't drive during rush hour if I can possibly avoid it. Almost all the garbage I've been meaning to throw out this weekend is now gone.

I'm re-reading Anton Myrer's Once An Eagle, a book that I picked up off a giveaway rack in high school and have been re-reading ever since. Once again, I am dithering over whether I want to read the end of the book, starting with the last part of the Pacific War section. I didn't see all of the mini-series when it was on the air, but I did see the ending, which was much better for TV (and Sam Elliott was perfect as Sad Sam Damon, just as he was perfect as John Buford in Gettysburg) but I understand why Myrer didn't end the book that way. What I don't understand is why I keep coming back to the book; parts of it are almost too painful to read, and others ache like a dry socket. It's a compelling tale, with some memorable characters, but I have dozens of other books like that in my library. Why does this one keep calling to me?

...also, tactical corsets. Perfect if your girlfriend/SO/lady you want to impress is into corsets and RKBA. And, really, shouldn't she be? ;)

also also, jariten has a few things to say about anime conventions. You should go read them. All I can add is HELL YEAH.
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