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It's happening again...I can feel it

Ironically enough, I'm writing this on a Friday afternoon before the monthly PRSFS meeting.

P returned from the Great American Desert, where Convergence is held every Independence Day weekend, and had much news, most of it amusing in a "ha-ha, funny!" way and some of it amusing in a bitter, cynical "LOOK HOW STUPID YOU ARE" way.

I hear some folks in MNSTFMISFITSLORANGPS (or whatever they're calling it this week) have become nervous and fretful about all the young, energetic and costumed anime folk who have been showing up at CONvergence for the last few years. Some of them are sufficiently ignorant of their own organizational history as to talk out loud about how much better off their convention would be without all these annoying anime fans around. Gee, this sounds horribly familiar. Where have we seen this before?

I said in the comments to that post that I don't really give a damn about CONvergence or any other con outside the Washington area with the sole exception of Anime Detour. That was stretching the truth a bit; I care about Arcana and miss it a lot, and I am concerned about CONvergence to a certain extent since a lot of people I know enjoy the convention quite a bit and would like to continue doing so. That may be a bit difficult if parts of the CONvergence staff start treating anime fans like second class citizens or worse. I don't think I have to get all Glenn Beck and draw pictures for people here, do I?

I suppose you could make the argument that if all the anime fans decided to stop going, for one reason or another, it wouldn't be a fatal hit to CONvergence. That may very well be true in the short term. However, SF fandom in general is not getting any younger, and the new blood is mostly coming from anime fandom. A lot of those younger fans are enthusiastic about volunteering, helping out, and doing other things to support the convention. Can you really afford to alienate them? Your call. Just remember what happened the last time fandom decided it was better off without one of its tribes. Hilarity ensued, c/d? Guess it depends on whether you were pointing fingers and jeering, or being jeered at.
Tags: convergence, other peoples' problems, the bush of fandom
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