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oh, and while I'm at it...

I'm kind of in a holding pattern with the weight and the blood sugar, if three days at the same weight and (more or less) the same BG counts for anything. Right now I'm at 375.6 pounds, and the morning BG has been oscillating between 95 and 105 for the most part, mostly in the 90s. Which is okay, I guess; while I'd like to see the BG drop a little further so I can cut down the insulin some more, I can be patient. The same is true of the weight. If I keep my calorie and carb intake down, the weight will come off.

Made two discoveries this weekend: one, I do in fact have the discipline to eat dinner in a Chinese buffet and avoid all the dietary landmines therein; two, Waffle House hash browns (scattered, smothered & chunked) are not much worse for me than an English muffin, which they don't serve there anyway. Waffles, however, are definitely right out.

The ulcer on the right leg, after a long stretch of oozing constantly and requiring twice-daily changes of the ABD pads, has suddenly decided to stop oozing and start drying up. The left leg is doing likewise but being slower about it. God willing, I can get both of them healed up to the point where I can hit the pool before it closes on September 6. Perhaps predictably, the VA has resumed sending me ABD pads...
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