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Done, I'm done, and I'm on to the next one

Took the ACC211 final tonight; I think I did all right on it, especially after finding a typo on one question that forced the instructor to just give us the answer. Got an 86 on last week's exam, so unless they completely screw me on the 15% of my grade that comes from paper/online homework, I think I've got a solid B nailed down.

And tomorrow is the first day of Computerized Accounting, then on Friday comes the second installment of Principles of Federal Taxation, otherwise known as Corporate Taxes. Just in time to derail any interesting plans I might have had for the 4th of July weekend, not that I can afford any of those anyway. Technically I'm in my second week of ACC212, but I've held off on that because it just doesn't seem right to be starting that when I'm not really done with 211 yet...

...despite the fact that the school is already pushing me to register for the fall semester. I'm actually looking forward to that; the compressed format of the summer term's classes has been stressful and I'm hoping that stretching the classes out over a full eight weeks will make them less of a ball-breaking collection than summer's have been.
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