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Badassery and epic cheese

So, I rented a mess of movies from Blockbuster - more like rented one and got three due various deals, actually - and two of them were Blade and Starship Troopers 3: Marauder.

Blade. Holy shit, Blade. This movie was 50% ultraviolence, 50% ass-whippings, and 75% awesome. Wesley Snipes does an outstanding job as the eponymous antihero, the vampire who can walk in the daylight without SPF 99 sunblock and is on a bloody mission of revenge; Stephen Dorff is his nemesis, Deacon Frost, the vampire who wants to summon the Blood God (and, incidentally, the apocalypse), and Sanaa Lathan as the hematologist who not only finds a cure for vampirism (if you're human to start with) but makes a discovery that allows Blade to defeat Frost with SCIENCE! I enjoyed the hell out of this movie and may have to buy a copy for keeps one of these days. Highly recommended; easily the best vampire movie I've seen since John Carpenter's Vampires.

And then we have the latest (hopefully the last) in Paul Verhoeven's series of Starship Troopers parodies, Starship Troopers 3: Marauder. This was sliced and diced by goons when it first came out for many of the same reasons as the original, but considered on its own merits as a dumb, campy* B-movie set in the universe Verhoeven created, it's not bad. The Mobile Infantry is still running around like a bunch of 19th-century idiots with automatic weapons, but at least the shovel and the rifle-mounted grenade launcher have been rediscovered. There's also a moderately dumb "treachery from above" element to the plot with a double reverse twist, a passel of minor characters carrying the idiot ball, and some other stupidity, but all in all it's an okay movie, maybe a C+/B-. Certainly worth watching for free. :)

*The producer evidently can't recognize camp when it's standing right in front of him kneeing him in the groin; every single clip from the Federal Network is so over the top it can't avoid being camp.
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