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Muddling through, as usual

This post contains nothing about politics or baseball. :)

Went out today and got my ears lowered; this time the shearing and trimming produced a look closer to what I wanted, and I tipped generously. Pix will follow soon.

Then I made the mistake of going over to Blockbuster to cash in my free movie coupon and wound up leaving with three other DVDs, one of which (Henry V) I'll probably just flip through since I just finished Bernard Cornwell's Agincourt: A Novel and know which scenes I want to see already. Also picked up were Blade (New Line Platinum Series), Starship Troopers 3: Marauder, and Kill Bill - Volume One, which will probably get the "skip to the fight scenes and avoid all the boring expository crap" treatment as well. Especially since I need to have these all back by Tuesday, have class on Monday, a Goonmeet on Saturday, and a game tomorrow night.

Also also I may be working again starting Monday. Block has some CSPs working during the summer taking calls and posting messages to the tax pros who work during the summer, and it so happened that one of the CSPs working at the Backlick office in Springfield is moving soon, so I may be getting some work during normal daytime hours. Which will be good; sitting around the apartment between classes and doctor's appointments isn't good for my head. I'll be finding out more about the deal tomorrow afternoon when I meet up with the head CSP at Springfield, where the new district manager is going to fill us all in on what offices are going to which districts as they break up Virginia 1 between Manassas and Arlington.

Weight has been up and down lately, hitting a low of 378.2 this morning after a few days of fighting to get my blood sugar down from a high of 108 earlier in the week. This was caused by stupidity on my part; once again, I learned that all carbohydrates are not the same, and ingesting more than 30 grams at once is a bad idea anyway. Finally got it down to 98 again this morning, and since it's been in the 70s all day I expect it'll be closer to where it should be (low 80s) tomorrow.
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