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Maintenance replaced the filter while I was at class tonight. Good.
Instructor confirmed that all the Wiley Plus online problems & self-tests were indeed part of the homework. Not so good. It's only 15% of my grade, but it might be enough to knock me back from an A to a B, possibly from a B to a C - but I don't think I did that badly on the third test. Which we won't have the results of before Monday, and that's okay. Anyway, I've been avoiding the Wiley Plus online stuff because, well, I get kinda ADD when I'm sitting here in front of the computer with the intertubes RIGHT THERE. Also, I have problems with the way the WP software presents ledger entry problems. Instead of letting you fix whatever it was you got wrong, it forces you to re-do the problem with new numbers, which means you now have twice the opportunity to fuck up the problem. I've found it's just better for me to practice journal entries by actually writing them down in the ledger books I picked up from Staples. So much the worse for me.

Humidity and temp finally got into the ugly range today. I turned on the A/C when I got home, and will probably leave it on overnight until it gets down to a decent temperature & humidity again.

I don't have a whole lot to say about the McChrystal thing, except that it just goes to show that staff officers are just as big a bunch of dumb-asses as the rest of us. After fifty years of this kind of bullshit, it should be burned into the institutional DNA of all military personnel by now that the press is not your friend. Especially when they're pretending to be your buddy. And a reporter from Rolling Stone, at that. :facepalm: Well, Petraeus will have another shot at pulling the haggis out of the fire, except this time around they're blowing a pretty uncertain trumpet at the White House, and God only knows what those idiots in Congress are going to do between now and next January. The irony of the Democrats calling on the man they were busy slandering as "General Betray-us" only two years ago isn't lost on me, either. We'll see what happens.
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