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our long Nationals nightmare is over

Okay, it was only a six-game losing streak, and we just barely managed to edge the Royals 2-1, but a curly W is a curly W, and another step away from last season's miserable endless swamp of fail. I'd been hoping to see one of the games in the Royals series, but since I have class Mondays and Wednesdays, and STATS scheduled me for a training game tomorrow, I guess that's not going to happen. Also, the Nats front office surprised everyone by sending opening day starter John Lannan down to AA Harrisburg to work on his sinker, which hasn't been sinking much lately.

Doing the baseball blog has been more effort than I thought it would be. You'd think it wouldn't be that tough after...damn, six years of being here on LJ? Still, nobody expects you to post daily to LJ, while if you don't do that on your blog, people will stop showing up. Not good, when you're trying to become the one-stop source for Nationals news, to say nothing of the local minor league teams. Well, nothing for it but to keep plugging and make the occasional Rule 5 post.

Third test in Accounting 211 was tonight; just two chapters worth of material, and I feel pretty good about it. We'll see if my confidence was justified come Wednesday.
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