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hump day but no dumps

Passed the second test in the Accounting 211 course with an 89. The third of the four tests comes up on Monday, and the final is on the 28th. Then I get to get right back up and head in to the Alexandria campus for Computerized Accounting, which is going to be pretty much a refresher on Quick Books. And I'm okay with that. This rush-hour drive to Annandale twice a week has been kicking my ass, and I'll be glad to be done with it, to say nothing of the long walk uphill to the classroom and back.
Fortunately I signed up for an online section of the subsequent course, ACC212; so long as I can keep focused on the course instead of internet spaceships or some other shiny distraction on the intertubes, I ought to be okay.

Nationals are sucking hard lately, except for Nolan Roger Randy Curt Strasburg. John Lannan got beaten like the family mule last night by the Tigers, and I got home just in time tonight to see that the Tigers had feasted in a similar manner upon Livan Hernandez. FFFFFFFFFFFFFFFFFFFFFFF.

Been tired and draggy all day for no good reason, so I'm going to crash and get a good night's sleep.
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