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a good start to a promising week

Well, despite appearances, this LJ isn't ALL about ill-tempered political commentary provoked by things seen on other peoples' blogs. Not even mostly!

Most of today is going to be spent gearing up for the second accounting test this evening, with a little bit of time taken for personal maintenance and apartment cleaning. I got a 91 on the first one, and while I don't expect to do nearly as well this time around, I'm pretty confident that I'll pass by a comfortable margin.

I've moved the bulk of my baseball commentary to over here at Beltway Baseball, which will be mostly about the Nationals and Twins but also include some entries about the local minor league teams. "Local" is kind of an expansive term, since I'm hoping to go on a road trip with P up to Washington PA to see the Frontier League's Wild Things, but this isn't Minnesota and the independent leagues are still mainly creatures of the Midwest. As for the Suburban League, my stab at founding a fantasy league on Fantrax, I'm afraid it's died of apathy. There haven't been any transactions there in the last month, and I've been derelict in tending the robots. My Dukes are in third, half a point out of second, for what that's worth.
Meanwhile, the Nationals pounded the Tribe for nine runs yesterday to give wunderkind Stephen Strasburg his second win in as many starts, but everybody else in the NL East won too, so we're still stuck in last place behind the Fish. Only six games out, though, and two under .500, which is a lot better than most folks thought we'd be doing.

I am continuing to stick to the low-carb diet. Can't quite pull the trigger to go whole hog and cut the last few dozen grams out of the diet...but still, I've excluded all the starches from my diet except for an English muffin with my morning eggs; the only dairy foods I have are yogurt (pinch-hitting for the eggs on occasion) and half & half for my coffee. Fruit likewise is pretty much gone. I ate half a mango the other morning for breakfast, but it's an open question whether I'll finish the rest of it before it goes bad. The results are pretty awesome, if I do say so myself: as of this morning, my weight is 380.8 pounds, and the morning blood sugar was 95, after dialing back the insulin from 16 to 14 units last night. P thinks I'm going to hit my interim target of 350 pounds well before the end of next February, and she may be right, but I am a pessimist and am allowing for epic (albeit temporary) fail at some point along the line. For those of you scoring at home, this is a loss of almost 60 pounds since May of 2008, with most of it having come off since February of this year. With no additional exercise. The easy weight loss won't last forever, but I'm enjoying it while it happens.
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