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And I just ate breakfast, too.

The State of Conservatism - NYTimes.com:
Also present was The Washington Post columnist Kathleen Parker, prom-girl pretty and winner of a Pulitzer this spring for “gracefully sharing the experiences and values that lead her to unpredictable conclusions,” including a rebuke of Sarah Palin. “Like all the best conservatives, I started off as a liberal,” she trilled.

As a lifelong Falangist, I'd be pretty insulted by that little crack, if I gave a rabid rat's ass about her opinion. I don't think Kathleen Parker would know what conservatism is if it slept with her for a thousand and one nights, leaving roses on her pillow in the morning and bringing candles and bubbly to bed in the evening. What an utterly disgusting woman.

(Moe Lane)
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