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Cursing the darkness

I played the U2 mix CD on the way in to work this morning. It seemed to fit the day pretty well - the skies are overcast, so even though the ambient temperature is just a little cooler than shirtsleeve weather, it's pretty depressing out there.

The weather and the problem of getting up to go to work in the dark and then coming home from school -or work; it's late enough in the year that it doesn't matter any more- really depresses me. I don't remember the short days and overall lack of sunlight bothering me like this when I was growing up in Maryland. Is the change in latitude really that significant? Or is this a function of age? It might be just something I've acquired through being around so many people who are affected by this sort of thing - my ex complained constantly about seasonal affective disorder and got very ursine in the winters.

Another reason to go home to Washington, as if I needed one.
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