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Chicken in its infinite variety

Normally on Monday and Wednesday nights my dinner consists of a nut bar and water from the school bookstore, but tonight the instructor set us free at 2000 with an admonition to study & practice, for Monday we have our second test. I'd originally thought about stopping by Walmart for a case of diet soda and some other things, but I wound up driving past Cocorico in Springfield and pulled over. Cocorico is one of those places near the Springfield Mall that I've driven past about 50 zillion times since arriving here but never actually stopped at; today was their lucky day. The food was pretty good, bog-standard Peruvian charcoal-grilled chicken with a side salad and my choice of various side orders of starchy death, the latter of which I passed on, much to the cashier's bewilderment. I guess a lot of people thought the customer service/attitude here sucks, but since it's basically a plastic chair carry-out joint I could care less as long as the food is good, which it was.

Last night I was meeting classmate Kathy McFadden-Richter and her husband over at Mango Mike's, the Caribbean joint across Duke Street from Foxchase, which like Cocorico I have passed zillions of times and never stopped in at. Having failed to spot Kathy and Charlie in the foliage of the deck, I went inside and ordered the jerk chicken wings. These were better (and hotter) than I expected; after I was done with them, I wasn't hungry for anything until I got home at 2130. It's a Pepsi joint, so I had the ice tea; sampled the hush puppies, which were more like doughnut holes than hush puppies as I remember them, and that was about it. They had the A/C turned up a little high, I thought, but on the other hand they were playing some decent 80s music off Sirius XM and showing Strasburg's debut on several TVs, so it was all good. I might go back and try their ribs sometime, see how they stack up to Shooter's.
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