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Heartbreak at La Casa Chipotle

So I got the nutritional information from Chipotle all broken out by components (tortillas here, rice there, beans down here, various meats...) and started running the numbers on my handy dandy Pointsfinder.

Oh. My. God. Those things are so loaded with fat and so bereft of fiber (how the hell can you boil all the fiber out of beans?) that even if you leave out the beans in favor of the fajita vegetables, it's like being grateful that the bumper was intact after your car got totalled. My favorite, the barbacoa burrito, weighs in at a hefty 26 points -without the sour cream- which would leave me a whole 8 points for the rest of the day, unless I wanted to burn up some of my flexpoints.

Jimmy John's isn't quite that bad, but their sandwiches are no slouches on the point couches either. The leanest one (Bootlegger Club sans mayo) has about 14 points. Owiee.

On the upside, the Potbelly's Sandwich Works opened in the IDS Crystal Court downtown today, and was doing a land-office business. People would have been lined up out the door and down to the Skyway if the managers hadn't tucked the line into a convoluted snakey curve inside the shop and the line crew hadn't been so efficient. The sandwiches aren't too different from Quizno's, in that they're toasted and heated, usually with cheese, but Potbelly's gets points for the wide variety of drinks - not just Coke products in cans but IBC bottled sodas, Arizona Ice Tea, and some other frou-frou bottled juicelike deals. Hand-dipped ice cream, shakes -with a cute little Salerno butter cookie around the straw- and smoothies are also sold, as are the usual chips, pickles, soup and cookies. Very reasonable prices, very quick service, likely to continue being very popular. Look out, Au Bon Pain.



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Apr. 15th, 2004 06:20 pm (UTC)
I love Jimmy Johns!

Chipotle isn't so bad if you opt out of the sour cream, guacamole, and cheese. I like it with just chicken, rice, salsa, and the veggies (beans don't always agree with me).

Jimmy Johns delivers, too. ^_^
Apr. 15th, 2004 07:48 pm (UTC)
I've taken to leaving the sour cream out of my burritos, since I don't usually remember to have it around at home anyway, and the guacamole always struck me as wretched excess. The cheese, though...gotta have the cheese. It's just not real to me without the cheese. I may wind up skipping the rice and the beans - if they don't have any fiber, the heck with 'em. Ah well, it's all a matter of compromising and tweaking.
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