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gearing up for tomorrow

I did some studying for the intro accounting class yesterday before going up to brian_edminster's place for the traditional burning of meat on the holidays, and spent a good part of today doing the same. I also did the self-study modules for the first three chapters online, and then took the self-tests, which I did pretty well on. So I'm not as anxious as I was about this test I'll be taking tomorrow. Going to do the fourth chapter's self-study module and self-test in the morning tomorrow, and spend the afternoon doing some of the practice problems that involve journaling/posting/generating financial reports. Not terribly exciting, but absolutely necessary.

In other news, sugar-free jello is pretty awesome, even if it is generic.

Weight has been constant through the weekend, but the blood sugars have been good, so I'm not too worried about the weight. It'll come off.
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