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A brief rant about Apple products.

James Lileks v. MacBook:

...and they wanted to play Sims 3 on the Windows side of the laptop, so could I fix the sound? Because there wasn’t any sound. I investigated, and sure enough: somehow the audio drivers had vanished. I tried to reinstall Windows while running Windows, which had the effect of rendering Windows inoperable. Tried to reinstall it via Boot Camp, only to find that the program had expired. Yes: expired. It was a beta with a self-destruct mechanism. Sigh. To the internet, Robin. The only way to reinstall Boot Camp to reinstall Windows was to upgrade the operating system. Spent half an hour backing up daughter’s files. Tried to install OS X10.5. “Not enough memory.”

Weep. Well, not Snow Leopard, but Plain Old Leopard, then.

Couldn’t find the install disk. Gave up. “Sorry hon, no Windows for a while.”

I don't do the whole Mac vs. PC argument, except occasionally as the vehicle for some ironic humor, because I've long had the conviction that people should use the tools they like best. Does a Mac work for you? Use it. You prefer a PC? Fine. You'd rather be a real individual who runs Solaris on a SPARCstation? No problemo. Different strokes for different folks.

This weekend, though, I was treated to some real Macsnobbery at the hands of friends and family, and it was pretty unpleasant. I have a real aversion to being looked down on, especially on the grounds of what I use. It smells just as bad from Mac users as it does from BMW drivers, and for the same reasons. To paraphrase Tyler Durden, "You are NOT your fucking MacBooks!" Choosing Macintoshes and iPhones over, say, Gateway laptops and Palm Pre smart phones expresses your brand preference, and nothing else. It does not mean you are smarter, hipper, cooler or better looking - except maybe to other Apple product users who also bought the bullshit from Cupertino. To me, it says you bought into a cult of personality that revolves around a misanthropic control-freak genius who really doesn't like most of the people who use his products. At a price premium. Pat yourself on the back. Me, I don't care. I don't buy the argument that the alleged technical superiority of Macintoshes is worth the bigger price tag, reduced number of software titles available, and limited hardware upgrade paths. The snobbery really doesn't have any factual basis, imo; it's just snobbery for the sake of having a cool designer logo on your stuff.

I also want to point out that for all that he's maligned by hipper-than-thou tech freaks, Bill Gates has spent a lot of his own money trying to relieve poverty, cure diseases, and fix the schools in this country. It says volumes to me that you never hear about Steve Jobs doing any kind of philanthropic activity whatsoever. It's not a very good reason to prefer Windows over Mountain Sloth (or whatever the current MacOS is called), but it beats walking around with my nose in the air because I paid too much for a laptop.
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