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horrible, horrible baseball

Today's craptastic doubleheader began with the Royals at Cleveland - two bad teams facing off in a day game that I had to score for training purposes. The Royals had their way with the punchless Tribe, besting them 9-3 behind Luke Hochevar's (allegedly pronounced Ho-shaver, according to the Sports Time Ohio announcers) complete game. It wasn't much fun to watch.

Neither was the Nationals game tonight. Luis Atilano lost his first game tonight as the Nats committed two errors and couldn't hit the broad side of a barn with a shotgun until the seventh inning. Meanwhile, the usually poor-hitting Mets beat the devil and the living God out of Atilano and reliever Tyler Walker, who coughed up ten runs between them. The normally solid Nats defense committed two errors (one by Walker), which didn't help. P and i left early; we had good seats down the right-field line, but you can only stand so much; sticking around for the rallies in the 8th and 9th that ultimately fell short would have been too much.
Tags: baseball, family drama
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